The diligent collection of all of your company’s receipts is the foundation for proper accounting. In addition to recording all receipts, cost planning and success monitoring are a major part of the best possible bookkeeping.

Handling your accounting needs therefore also includes performing a short-term success analysis:The analysis offers you an overview of the development of your earnings and expenses. This information gives you an insight into your company’s position and allows you to take measures in time.

We adjust the scope of accounting to your company:
Whether it is an income/expenses calculator or balance sheet accounting, the organisation of accounting is always based on your company’s particular needs.

It is, of course, also possible for you to do your own accounting – partially or in full:
In this case, we will gladly provide advice to you on suitable accounting software, offer training for your accounting staff and inform you about the changes in tax law to be considered.

We offer the following services in the “accounting” area:

  • Account assignment of the current business cases and computer-optimized recording
  • Ongoing reconciliation of the accounts
  • Managing open positions from customers and suppliers
  • Organising financial accounting
  • Information on your business performance
  • Performing short-term success calculations