Expert management consultancy is characterised by identifying problematic areas quickly, defining them clearly and performing a detailed analysis. Our experienced team develops individual solutions whose implementation will guide your company to success while considering economic and legal aspects.

Strong competition requires all market participants to consider economic principles. We assist you with assessing your economic challenges: Plan your fundamental company decisions together with us and find the most beneficial solution for your company.

The sustainable optimization of your company success requires future-oriented instruments and proactive planning of all of the company’s needs.

We offer the following solutions as part of our management consultancy services:

  • Consultancy for calculation matters
  • Developing strategies and business plans
  • Budgeting with target/actual comparison
  • Company assessments
  • Developing and adapting business plans
  • Consulting for outsourcing projects
  • Organisational consultancy
  • Company planning: Strategic comparison and planning calculations related to financing and investment decisions as well as hiring staff
  • Tax and economic consultancy related to investment decisions
  • Break-even calculation
  • Balance sheet and success analyses
  • Applying for government aid related to founding companies
  • Carrying out audits for business start-ups